General Information


Objective or purpose

Planning, programming, directing, unifying, evaluating, integrating and supervising all actions necessary to guarantee provision of expedite and efficient customer service.



The following services are provided in this Office:


Digitalized services:


Services provided on a Digital Platform, strategically located in a zone that permits easy access, using the best infrastructure and technology, under a philosophy of  "one-stop"  or "full-services"  windows , in which several processes may be carried out in a single interaction, such as: obtaining immediate certificates, literal certificates, registry reports, and inquiries on real estate, goods and chattels and legal entities, copies and certifications of cadastral plans if the number of the plan is provided, and images of digitalized documents of real estate, goods and chattels and legal entities. This area also includes services offered by the License Plates Department and the Inquiries Department, and certificates of plans to scale.

Reception and delivery of documents:


The Office includes the different departments of Day Logs, Goods and Chattels, Real Estate and Legal Entities Archives, as well as Reception and Delivery of literal certificates. This activity is vitally important for the various Registries because the beginning and the end of the rights registration processes take place in these departments. In addition, it seeks to make the process of submission and pick-up of documents processed in the Institution easier for customers.


Complementary services:


The Office integrates all those services which, due to their nature, are not included in the above categories, such as legal books and microfilm inquiries (non-digitized information), processing of literal certificates which imply a detailed study of different registrations to clarify a specific, historical or special situation, and certificates for vehicles to exit the country.