Objective or purpose


The objective of the Legal Entities Registry is to register and publicize certain acts and contracts concerning the existence, validity and representation of different kinds of legal entities, as well as acts and liens related to physical persons, with the purpose of providing society with legal security.



Registration of: individual businesses of limited responsibility, general partnerships, limited liability companies or partnerships, limited partnerships, business corporations; companies or partnerships regulated by special laws, stock market, stock exchange seats, investment companies, investment fund operators, central securities deposits, compensation and liquidation societies, risk evaluation companies, complementary pension operators, non-banking financial companies, private banks, labor corporations, insurance companies, and sports corporations; foundations; professional associations; civil and sports partnerships; registration of reforms to the indicated legal entities; powers of attorney granted by persons, by national partnerships or companies, granted abroad and conferred by foreign partnerships or companies; opening of subsidiaries of foreign companies; also, registration of insolvency; insanity; guardianships; executorships; sworn brokers; reserving a name and in addition, inspection of civil partnerships; emission of corporate identity cards, as well as inquiries for information in both the automated and the traditional systems of books.